Create with heart and build with mind


Ask Better questions

Asking yourself a few questions before starting  your day ,its the biggest strategy for someone to plan while everyone are just in process of thinking.When you ask things, you will know how much you need to give in and how much more you need to expertise in something .

  1.  What i should do today?
  2. How am i going to change my day from yesterday
  3. What things need to be done today ?
  4. Where i need to be and where am i at present?
  5. Why things are complicated and how can i make it simple ?
  6. Am i wasting my time with doing stuff i shouldn't bother about?
  7. Have i succeed in making yesterday plans?

Asking these questions will help you a better productive day and having a TO-DO list will help you  keep track and achieve your plans

   Let your past guide you to make your present peaceful and make your present guide to have a better future


  • Organize
  • Focus & Make Things Happen
  •  Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
  • Schedule & Prioritize
  • Build self-Discipline
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Solve Problems
  • Take Breaks
  • List out  Your Goals
  • Eliminate Distractions

If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done. – Norman Vincent Peale


Some problems are bigger than others but one thing has common to all of them – they all have solutions! It’s the same with all problems in our life.people get scared or angry when a new problem appears and they waste a lot of time and energy by complaining about the problem.Successful people are efficient problem-solvers and they understand that problems are an inevitable part of life. They take responsibility and deal with the problems quickly.You can become a great problem-solver instantly when you switch focus from the problem to a solution and when you start asking solution-oriented questions.


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